Wednesday, October 7, 2009


My name is Ian Kross. I am originally from Lake Arrowhead, California, but I moved to Hattiesburg, Mississippi in the fall of 2008 to attend the University of Southern Mississippi. The most frequent questions I am asked is why USM and why move to Mississippi? Personally I love it here, and I moved to the South for two reasons: the South is the only part of the United States that I haven’t lived in, and, being an English Major, the South provides a unique experience with having such a rich literary history. As I stated above, I am an English Major, and this is my second year at USM, transferring from a junior college in California.

Ultimately I plan on getting a Master’s in English, with plans to teach at a community college level. I am a bit of a late start to college, as some may notice. After high school I enlisted in the army, and then did some traveling and took time to decide what I wanted in my future. So far it is to become a teacher, although nothing is certain; I like to consider things when they present themselves as planning ahead has never worked out for me. I am sorry for the generic picture, I have a picture of USM that I took after my three day drive here, sadly, the picture seems to have been lost recently.

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