Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My visit to the McCain Library

The tour of the McCain Library’s special collections was a very interesting session of class. To be honest, prior to this class I assumed that old texts were housed in repositories and museums; I am ashamed to say the storing of old texts in a library had never crossed my mind, or rather in an open library. All the texts, from the old handbooks and yearbooks of the early years of the University, to civil rights correspondence, and even antique thrones are available for study at the McCain library.

I found the children’s books, which were part of the de Grummond children’s literature exhibit to be especially interesting. While I was aware that classical tales often find their way into other cultures, I was not aware of the effect. The Cinderella books provided in our tour served to show this well. There were various ethnicities and even a Cinderella story for boys, which shows the many ways a story can be transformed for its audience. I was also interested in hear about the collection of original Curious George books and manuscripts available. Since Curious George was one of my favorite characters growing up, I will have to make tie to check out the exhibit.

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